Gerlach: Tax-reform proposal a chance to create more jobs, fewer headaches for Americans

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Washington, Feb 27 | comments

House Ways and Means Committee member Jim Gerlach (PA-6th District) applauded the efforts of Committee Chairman Dave Camp (R-MI) to move forward with the first major overhaul of our country's tax code since 1986.

Congressman Gerlach issued the following statement after Camp released a draft proposal for achieving tax reform:

"Every day Congress waits to fix our broken, overly-complex tax system is another day American workers, American families and American businesses fall farther behind our competitors around the world. In recent years, it seems like the current tax code has created more headaches than jobs. So I applaud Chairman Camp for challenging all of us on the Ways and Means Committee to continue working to restore opportunity, reduce the burdens on individuals and job creators and reinvigorate investment in our country. This draft is a positive step toward finding the right mix of pro-growth reforms as well as solutions for simplifying the tax code.

At the same time, everyone should keep in mind that this is a draft proposal. It is a proposal crafted after years of discussion among members of Congress and, more importantly, feedback from people who punch a time clock every day, run companies and charitable organizations of all sizes, and folks who have retired and want a secure future for themselves and their children and grandchildren. Continuing that exchange of ideas and information with the people who live and work in the 6th District and across the country will be critical in helping real tax reform move from the proposal stage to the President's desk. Having served as the Chairman of the Committee's Working Group on Manufacturing last year, I heard from a lot of folks about what's working in our tax code and what needs to be changed. Hopefully, the release of this draft will generate additional suggestions and I would encourage everyone in my District to participate in this national debate as we work to hammer out the details of tax reform."

The Joint Committee on Taxation released the following key findings about the proposal:

*This plan will create up to 1.8 million new jobs.
*GDP growth will increase by $3.4 trillion (the equivalent of 20 percent of today’s economy).
*The average middle-class family of four will gain an extra $1,300 a year.
*95 percent of filers will get the lower possible tax rate by claiming the standard deduction.

You can learn more about the tax-reform proposal by visiting


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